(08/12/2016 – 07/05/2017)

The increase of migration and refugee flows in our country is an issue which is of great concern both to the Greek State and the society. Moreover, the fact that Greece is in social and economic crisis raises concerns for the present and the future of migrant populations and particularly regarding vulnerable groups such as children, elder people and single mothers.

Under this framework KEAN developed the proposed project “I DO 4EU”, through which we host two (2) young people from Turkey, who are offering their voluntary services in different fields. Through the existing activities of the organization this project will fill the gap created by the fragmentary information on access to food services, sheltering, health and the lack of First Reception services.

The project aims to contribute significantly to the improvement of the living conditions of migrant population who arrives in Athens and to the defending of their fundamental rights. Therefore the volunteers are already engaged in activities which help newly arrived immigrants in Greece under the instructions and guidance of the experienced team of KEAN.



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