"I Care About You"

(11/10/2016 – 10/04/2017)


“I Care About You” is an EVS project that aimed to actively involve 1 volunteer from Italy in the field of integration of refugees.

Through the project the volunteer offered her services in “KE & AN’s House” – The Center of Creative Activities which was created by KEAN and is addressed to underaged refugee and migrant children.

The volunteer had the chance to participate actively in the creation and organization of the Center’s weekly program of activities and in the planning and implementation of the artistic and musical workshops, while at the same time she had the opportunity to cultivate her skills, turn her ideas into action, unfold her creativity and undertake initiatives. Apart from her participation in the operation of the Centre, she also contributed to the daily operation of our organization.




"Hello! My name is Delilah, I am a 23 years old Pedagogy student and I would like to share with you my experience as an EVS volunteer.

I lived the experience of EVS - European Voluntary Service through the organization KEAN and through offering my services to the Center of Creative Activities - "KE & AN's House", which was created by the organization and is addressed to refugee and migrant children.

During this period I was able to observe and learn many things and also get experience on what I had studied. In particular, the experience that mostly fascinated me was the creation of the classroom and of the whole Center and their transformation into a real future school, fully equipped with teaching material for creativity and educational development of children. Moreover, I experienced and liked the way in which the Educator of the Center reinforced the autonomy of children in activities and games.

I managed to unfold and to empower the imagination of children, to contribute to their sensory development and strengthen their communication skills through art activities such as workshops "Chinese Shadows", "A snowman All Around", "Art Lab - Crown Yourself" , "Art Lab - Superheroes Together", "Theatrical Representation of a Classical Fairytale" and "Music Lab".

 All these activities created a strong sense of unity among children and helped them to unfold their passion for Arts. Throughout the duration of the activities I observed with pleasure the freedom and spontaneity with which children were moving. Through my participation in the operation of the Centre and the time I spent with this group of children, I managed to get to know them better and to earn both their trust and the trust of their families.

I also noted the excellent organization of space and activities and the kindness of the educator of the Center who also taught me how to approach children who have escape from a too harsh reality for their age and how to help them to develop self-confidence and feel secure in the society through education."