"YOUTHink Different"

(04/04/2016 – 04/10/2016)



YOUTHink Different was an EVS project that was implemented in the city of Scala and in the city of Athens and hosted 3 volunteers from Italy, who participated in various activities and had the opportunity to get in contact with the local community and the Greek culture.

Some Indicative Activities were:



"Hello, I am Chiara and I come from Potenza, a town in South Italy. I studied Architecture and both during my university studies and my professional experiences, in Italy and abroad, I have always tried to direct my experience to topics related especially to urban issues and inclusive processes of urban transformation.

My dream is to work in urban planning, but in an unconventional way, because I am convinced that the transformation and regeneration of any context should start from the bottom. This is why after finishing my studies I looked for ways and means to merge my interests with associationism, hoping to increase my competences in this area. In this perspective EVS seemed to me a good opportunity.

I chose KEAN because it is an association that operates in several fields and the diversification of the projects it deals with was very interesting for me in order to understand dynamics and methods by which an association works. Greece is an amazing country, very alive, the people are warm and friendly, you can feel at home in an instant. Athens offers possibilities of all kinds, is a very interesting city, waiting to be discovered. My EVS experience is now almost finished and I can say I am very happy that I had this opportunity... the months I spent here will remain forever in my heart!"





"Hello, I am Emanuela and I come from Italy. I started my university career studying Modern Literature in Rome and I was a good student. I love Dante, Leopardi and all Italians poets. I was curious about everything bond with my studies but I was never fully satisfied and I always wondered what I would have ever done in life until I decided to give up my studies in Literature and follow my path. I enrolled in Development Economics and International Co-operation. After graduation and many jobs in the commercial sector the opportunity that I was waiting for, came, EVS in KEAN.

Thanks to a wonderful team of volunteers and the support and guidance of the staff of KEAN I had the opportunity to design and write my first European Project, a Youth Exchange on the topics of migration and integration.

KEAN is a youth association which works in diversified sectors, from the environmental field to Human Rights sector. It was enriching the fact that I worked  as a volunteer inside an NGO and useful to understand how it works, its limits and its potentials. By doing my EVS project in an alive and culturally exceptional environment as Greece I gained an experience with an added value for my life."





"Hello, my name is Mariella, I am 26 years old, I am coming from Italy and I have studied Political Science and in particular “Environmental Development and Cooperation”. Both for my studies and for personal passion I have always been interested in social causes and in cooperation for development. After my studies I decided to try the experience of EVS, most of all to know how NGOs and associations are involved in social projects, since I want to address myself in this field for my future.

EVS is also a good opportunity to live for six months in another country, and Greece has been the ideal place, both for its beauty and for the hospitality of its inhabitants. I chose KEAN because it deals with environmental promotion and because it is an association that has experience with volunteers from all over Europe. During these months I learned a lot, both inside the organization by working in KEAN and outside, because I experienced an alive and full of energy reality in Athens. What I have learned here will definitely be useful for my life back home and for my future."