"Youngs for Solidarity 9"

(29/08/2016 – 04/10/2016)



My name is Mehmet and I am studying at Istanbul University. I always wanted to come to Greece and I managed to fulfil this dream through the EVS project.

When I came here I did not feel like a stranger because the culture and people of Greece are like our culture and our people. I had a great time in KEAN, especially at KEAN’s office in the Park “Antonis Tritsis”, where the environment was quiet and nice. I also made new friends, some of them Italian and some of them Greek.

EVS became the reason to meet new people and acquaint new cultures. You should apply to EVS!




My name is Pelin, I am coming from Erzurum and I am studying dentistry at Ataturk University. I like Athens because it has great people like in Turkey.

EVS project is a very good opportunity for everybody! So many thanks to KEAN!





Hello, my name is Semiha and I am studying at Ataturk University. I had great time in KEAN and I liked very much the environmental work that we did and the projects that KEAN is implementing.

Greek people are respectful and polite and Greek culture and history so old and beautiful.

Thank you for everything EVS and KEAN!




  Özgün Umut

My name is Ozgun Umut and I actually had a very good time in Greece. This project provided to me the opportunity to meet new people and get to know a new country. For those who want to join EVS project, I highly recommended it.

Thanks KEAN!






"Youngs for Solidarity 7"

(5.08.2015 - 5.09.2015)


“Hi! I am Eda, I am coming from Erzurum, I am studying in Atatürk University and this period of time I am doing my EVS project at KEAN. I am learning many new things and I am having great time. During my EVS Project I have learnt a lot about different cultures and habits and I have met new people. The team of KEAN respects and understands the needs of different kind of people and helps us in order to fulfil our expectations. I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge through my EVS project at KEAN.

Thanks for everything KEAN!!” 





My name is Gulfidan and I am studying Public Relations at Ataturk University. Through my EVS project at KEAN, I met a lot of different cultures and people and I realised how many delicious flavours the Greek cuisine has.

I would like to thank KEAN for giving me the opportunity to visit a European country and what is more to develop my personal and technical skills. As a student in Public Relations I would like to say that Greek people are so warm and friendly. I would love to take part in such a project."





"Youngs for Solidarity 6"

(1.06.2015 - 1.07.2015)


"Hello! I'm coming from Erzurum city! I had never travelled abroad. I had great time in KEAN and I learned so many new things. I developed technical skills and in the meantime I cultivated my organizational and personal skills. I would recommend the EVS project to all young people. I've discovered a lot about Greek culture, I've visited plenty of historical places and I made new friendships. I will never forget this experience.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity!"




"Hello my name is Yusuf and I am doing my master degree in Agricultural Engineering, at Ataturk University which is located in Turkey. I decided to participate in the EVS project in order to travel to a foreign country, learn about its history, meet a different culture and make new friends. The EVS Project was a very good opportunity in order to fulfil my ambitions. I chose to do my European Voluntary Service at KEAN because I am truly interested in the fields, which the organization is dealing with.

Thanks KEAN for everything....This was a great experience for me!"