"Dreams Made Real 8"


(07/06/2016 – 06/07/2016)


“My name is Canan Altıntaş and I am studying Russian Language in Atatürk University. I decided to do an Evs project after my friends narrated to me their EVS experience. There were lots of alternative countries but I put Greece as a first choice.

I was very interested in KEAN’s project and I searched everything regarding the hosting organization. Moreover I met also some previous volunteers who had also joined KEAN for their EVS project. They told me how much satisfying their experience in the organization was and that it will be a very usefull experience for me.

I was too excited when the results came out. When I came to Athens the team of KEAN welcomed me, they were all kind to me and if there was a problem they were always trying to help and solve it.

I participated in a lot of interesting and usefull projects and activities and I realized how important volunteerism is.

This project was usefull and enjoyable for me. I advise, everybody to join European Voluntary Service. In my opinion it is a great life opportunity…”



“I am studying in the International Relations Depertmant of Atatürk University, where one of our professors informed us about Evs.

From the first time I liked the purpose of this project and I couldn’t miss the opportunity. We came during June and our mentor helped us a lot in order for us to settled in. Everyone at KEAN’s office welcomed us warmly and they were all always helping us. During our stay we had also the chance to participate in lots of different activities, such as in voluntary actions, festivals and conferences.

It was a great experience for me and at the same time neccesary and usefull as I improved my English. Thanks to the project I improved myself and became more experienced, I met new people and I had the opportunity to meet a new country, which taught me a lot. It was the first time that I travelled abroad. I advise everyone to join EVS project...”





(01/04/2016 – 01/05/2016)


“Hello, my name is Aysegul Cetres and I am studying at the Faculty of Communication, Radio, Cinema and Television of Ataturk University.

I chose to do my EVS project at KEAN, because I wanted to develop my personal skills and of course to meet the culture of another country. I had the opportunity to meet a new culture, new different eating habits, to observe a different religion than mine and of course to meet a lot of different people. During my project I enjoyed the educational activities with students. I gained new different ideas and I had such an amazing experience here.

Thank you KEAN for this “excellent journey”!”





“Hello! I am Enes, I come from Samsun in Turkey, and I am studying Turkish Literature at Ataturk University which is located in Erzurum city. 

I came to Greece and more specifically at KEAN - Cell of Alternative Youth Activities to implement my European Voluntary Service Programme. My tasks included a lot of various activities such as administrative tasks in KEAN's office, educational programmes with children in a huge urban park and translations for KEAN's Turkish webpage. Through my project I managed to improve my English and I learned a new language - the Greek Language. 

I am so happy that I came here. I am so excited after that experience!”