"EVS Treasure Hunt"

(05.09.2015 - 04.03.2016)

Organisation KEAN had the pleasure to host an Italian volunteer through the European Voluntary Service Project “EVS Treasure Hunt”, a project under Erasmus+ Programme that involved the participation of 8 Receiving Organisations from Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Slovenia and 24 Italian volunteers.

The main aim of the project was to allow youngsters to live a period of their lives out of their country and through their EVS project discover and highlight an EVS treasure. They evaluated this treasure in different ways considering what they learned into the period of their project.

Informal and non-formal methods were used, including open-air laboratories, games and exercises with local community youngsters, thematic workshops and activities for integration into the local community.

The main result of the project “Treasure Hunt” was a video which constituted a collage of many videos which were realized by all the volunteers during their path in the different EVS projects.