(5.07.2015 - 4.08.2015)


"Hi, I come from Turkey, I am studying Nutrition in Ataturk University and I decided to do my European Voluntary Service at KEAN.

Explore and discover different countries and civilizations get to know about new cultures, local customs and various food habits, meet new people, develop and cultivate technical and personal skills and abilities, like I did through my EVS at KEAN!

And as a student of Nutrition, I’d like to say that Greek cuisine is very delicious and healthy!

Hope to cooperate with KEAN via a new project. Thanks for everything, KEAN!"




"Hi! I am Demet...I am from Erzurum in Turkey and I am a student of Molecular Biology and Genetics in Ataturk University. I wanted to try the experience of voluntary work in a foreign country and get to know other cultures and lifestyles that differ from mine.

I think EVS project is the best opportunity to achieve all the above and broaden your horizons.

I am very happy that I am doing my European Voluntary Service at KEAN. I believe that my experience in that organization helped me to develop my personal abilities and professional skills"




(2.03.2015 - 2.04.2015)  


“I am an undergraduate of Literature and I decided to participate in the EVS project in order to experience voluntary work and the culture of a foreign country. I am devotee of environment that is why I chose KEAN to do my voluntary service. During my work in the organisation I developed organizational skills and I cultivated my critical thinking.

It was a great experience and I thoroughly recommend it!!”






“I am an undergraduate of English Literature and I chose to do my voluntary service in Greece and more specifically in KEAN because of my love for nature. I believe that the environment is our home so we have the responsibility to take care of it. During my EVS project I improved my linguistic skills, as far as English language is concerned which was a lot valuable for my university studies. Furthermore I got familiar with the latest developments in computers and computer programs that are related to the workplace.

My experience in the organization was incredible and I especially loved the Greek language courses that our mentor offered to us."