(3.04.2015 - 2.05.2015)



“I remained in KEAN for the period of one month. Everything started when I decided to do an EVS project in order to meet new cultures, new people and have an “early” working experience during my university studies and before my real time in workplace. We participated in the educational programs, which were implemented by the organization and our task was to accompany and guide the children during these programs.

It was a chance to cultivate skills like organizational and communication skills and undertake responsibilities and initiatives.”






“I have studied Geology and I chose KEAN to do my European Voluntary Service as the organisation is active in the field of Environment. I combined working experience with my wistfulness to get in contact with a new civilization.

I improved my knowledge regarding the English language and I upgraded my practical skills such as the use of tools and gardening skills.

Through the EVS project I developed not only technical skills but also personal skills.”