"UPA : Urban Parks for All"
(1.05.2014 - 31.10.2014)


The project “UPA: Urban Parks for All” aimed to upgrade and improve 3 of the most remarkable parks of Athens: The Park of Environmental Awareness “Antonis Tritsis”, The Metropolitan Park of Goudi and The Park of Philadelfia.

KEAN, through the European Voluntary Service, hosted 2 volunteers for 6 months - one from Turkey and one from Estonia. The aim of the project was to create a Network of Volunteers, to form its structure and to organize it, in order to make these parks functional, as well as to maintain and improve their greenery. As basic promotional tool, they had the updating and the raising of the public awareness of the community, through voluntary actions and environmental educational programs. 



"I am coming from Turkey and when I finished my studies in computing I was extremely confused and undetermined about my future and what kind of job I would like to search for, so this led into my decision to participate in the project and come to Greece. I had the desire to see more closely the civilization and culture of Greece. I believed that the EVS project would offer me not only the opportunity to learn about the European culture but also it would help me to decide what I would like to do in the future. I chose KEAN because I was interested in different environmental problems that our planet faces but also I wanted to learn practices that combine city life with agricultural activities. Last but not least, I am looking forward to learn how to contribute in the development and preservation of the suburban green spaces."




"Hi, I am Robert and I come from Estonia and particularly from Voru, which is located in the south-eastern Estonia. I am interested in travelling in different countries all around the world, meeting new people and different civilizations and learning about their customs and traditions.

I believe that the EVS project is a very good opportunity for anyone that wants to visit different countries and in the meantime develop various skills. During my EVS project in KEAN, I hope to improve my skills involving environmental education and growing plants, while I will also share my knowledge and experiences in the field of education, as in the past I was working as a music teacher in schools of Voru. In conclusion, I like playing the saxophone, so I hope to be inspired by my stay in Greece."