"CIVIL: Citizens Initiations for Volunteerism in Local level"
(1.10.2013 -31.03.2014)


The project "CIVIL: Citizens Initiations for Volunteerism in Local Level" aimed to inform young people regarding their active participation in the European society. CIVIL provided a combination of acting and learning. Through the active participation of young people in voluntary activities at local level, we sought to highlight participatory methods of citizens in the local community in which we live.

Through the European Voluntary Service, two volunteers –one from Turkey and one from Estonia- were hosted by KEAN for 6 months and they had the creation of brochure as basic promotional tool and visits at universities, schools and schools of foreign languages about the correct and complete briefing for the young people about issues of democracy, institutions and policies in Europe, policies and programs for youths and promotion of mobility in Europe.



" I am from Turkey and I wanted to become a volunteer because in this way I can be useful for KEAN in Greece but also I feel I do something good for environment and for the World. I want to get to know new countries, meet new people and learn about their culture and lifestyle. Now I am here for EVS because I am interested in Greek culture, language, mythology and history. I think Greek and Turkish cultures, traditions, people and climate are so similar to each other. Volunteering in KEAN and at the same time learning about Greek culture and language is a very good opportunity for me."



"I come from Estonia and I love travelling and discovering new places and people, that’s why I am in Greece now. But also, I think EVS is such a wonderful opportunity to see the world, learn new things and get to know myself better. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity and I would like to inspire other young people to be active and use the possibilities that Europe offers them.  I am into green lifestyle.  In KEAN I hope to learn more about global and environmental issues and activities, important for environment and community."