Kean is very happy to be hosting two volunteers that will be staying with us until August 2013! Luis is Spanish and his sending organization is Gantalcalá from Seville, and Risko is Estonian and his sending organization is Continuous Action from Tallinn.
Read on to know more about them and feel free to contact them through our website’s EVS Page!



“Hello, my name is Luis and I am from Seville, Spain. After finishing my studies in advertising I decided I wanted to dedicate my life to an activity not related to businesses and started introducing me to the world of volunteering. It's something I want to do professionally in the future and I think the EVS is the best option to open the doors to that world.
I chose Greece for their links with the art world in which I am very interested now, and because there wasn’t a big cultural leap. I wanted to get started in the world of volunteering in an environment familiar to me and then look for something more daring.
Specifically I chose KEAN because it offered me a very flexible work as it allows me to develop my limited knowledge of design and perform handcraft task and outside in a garden, something totally unknown to me and I want to know about it. I live very close to the center, allowing me to visit all the important monuments, and in summer I can even visit some island.
I hope when I go back home to be more independent, have removed language barriers and my dream is to learn to draw. I think I can transmit to my organization my enthusiasm, creativity and inspire them with my philosophy of life.”



”I have studied political science and travelled extensively in Australia and Europe. My home town is Tallinn, which is the seaside capital of Estonia of 400 000 people. I came to Greece to do something different, see the world from and enjoy my life. I like yoga and, healthy living and becoming a better person every day. While here I hope to improve my skills involving photography, growing plants and perhaps tour guiding. I also like to learn basic Greek for everyday life and be able to read and write in it in to some degree. Also I would like to create my own personal project to give something back for the hospitality I have received.”