KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities along with five (5) other partners from Italy, Cyprus, Slovenia and Bulgaria participate in the implementation of European Project «Health Promotion at Sport Clubs».


Main objectives of the project which is co- funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union are the extension of the role of sport clubs as to promote health, well being, social inclusion and Increase the awareness on the value of physical activity in relation to the personal, social and professional development of individuals.

The HPSC project addresses the Erasmus project objectives and is in line with the EU regulations and perspectives. Ιn particular with the White Paper on sport, the HEPA recommendation, the Communication “Developing the European Dimension in sport” and the Council  Resolution on the “EU Work Plan for Sport”.

Ultimate goal is the creation of an HP- Lab (Laboratory Network), which will act as a communication hub at national and supranational level as well as a network for sport clubs and other stakeholders (leagues, clubs, amateur sports teams, sponsors, etc.). Basic aim of HP-Lab involves best practices exchange, knowledge enhancement on Sports and Health and joint development of health oriented programs.

Kick Off Meeting- Vicenza, Italy

On the 24th of April took place in Vicenza of Italy the first meeting of partners who participate in the project "Health Promotion at Sport Clubs".  In the kick Off meeting participated –besides KEAN- «Associazone Sportiva Dilettantistica Circolo Tennis Vicenza (CTV) as overall project coordinator and organizer of the meeting,  representatives of other partners such as Mr. Xristoforos Xristoforou  from Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs», Mrs Alenka Juvancic from «Tennis Club Olimpija», Mr Kaloyan Bogev  and Mrs Spasova Cvetomira from «Union for development of sport and sports culture»  and Mr Leon Corduff from «Unione Sportiva Maria Ausiliatrice Associazone Dilettantistica».

Present were also the President of CTV Mr Gianfranco Geremia who addressed a brief greeting and Mrs Raffaella Lioce as project coordinator of HP@SC.

The meeting attended also Mr Everardo Dal Maso, representative of Municipality of Vicenza,  Mr Marco Franceschetto, President of Institution «CONI» at Vicenza Province and Mr Gianni Milan vice-president of «FIT». All attendants gave credits to partners participating in the project for their efforts to promote health through sports.

During the Kick Off Meeting, CTV as partner-coordinator gave the First Press Conference involving the objectives, working packages and activities of HP@SC project.



"Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme and the European Union".