Project "LAUGH - Learn Accept Unite to Grow your Horizons" 


KEAN - Cell of Alternative Youth Activities, which over time implements activities and programs aiming at strengthening the skills and capacities of young people and promoting and enhancing their active citizenship both at local and European level, is going to carry out the educational project «LAUGH - Learn Accept Unite to Grow your Horizons», which is under Key Action 1 "Learning mobility of individuals - Youth mobility" of the EU Program, Erasmus +, under the auspices of the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation.

The project consists of two (2) parts – a Training Course which will be implemented in the city of Athens from 16 to 22 of March 2017 and a Youth Exchange which will take place on Lesbos Island from 16 to 22 of June 2017.

The partners of the project are organization KEAN - Cell of Alternative Youth Activities, which constitutes the designer, organizer and coordinator of the program, as well as the organizations JOINT from Italy, S&G from Turkey and KEAN-"ACTIVIDADES ALTERNATIVAS" from Spain.

The program aims to disseminate and promote the values ​​and awareness of public opinion towards migrants and to combat discrimination, to eliminate prejudices, stereotypes and xenophobia, to foster intercultural dialogue, promote and support respect for social and cultural diversity, enhance active citizenship and intercultural and social participation and to develop solidarity and tolerance among people.

Through the project, participants will gain knowledge regarding the needs and problems of refugees, immigration policy both in our country and in other European countries and the causes which promote conflicts and establish stereotypes and prejudices. Furthermore they will actively participate in various activities such as presentations, discussions, workshops, visits, events, art activities, role playing, group work and exchange of ideas, suggestions and good practices.

The ultimate goal of the project is to create tools that will contribute to the awareness of the wider public and more particularly an Anti-Racism Awareness Campaign and an Open Photography Exhibition.