"PLANETISE" – Practical Learning for Action and Networking via an Educational Tool, Inspiring Study of Environment







“Planetbook Game” is a methodology developed and successfully implemented across Greece by KEAN, aimed at increasing youth awareness of the environment at local, regional, national and global levels alike, the idea of “PLANETISE” project is to transfer, further develop and implement an adapted and enriched version of the “Planetbook Game” to youth groups and realize activities in six European countries.



An innovative educational board game about the environment and climate change, it is also presented in a floor version, as well as a digital version. The “Planetbook game” contains 700 questions of encyclopedic knowledge about environmental issues of our planet and international NGOs that are concerned with its protection, as well as Nature’s four basic elements that define the climate of the planet (earth, air, water and fire). This educational game that aims to save the earth evolves around a tree: as the players advance in the game and climb up the tree, the world becomes a better and greener place.



Planetbook game has been distributed to over 700 schools in Greece and has reached 26,000 pupils since it was initiated in 2008. There is also a US version of the game that was developed in 2010, and implemented with notable results on a small scale in Greek schools in the US.


Given the success of “Planetbook Game”, “PLANETISE” seeks to transfer this innovation and good practice to other EU countries, featuring the added component of pedagogical guidelines for youth organizations active in the field of environment, youth, sustainability, energy, etc. on how to best use the tool.


The creation of a complementary e-platform will also be an extra element. In addition, the new project will also feature a social network for youth organizations, developing an online community for further learning and exchanges on environmental challenges in partner countries.



 In addition, the training  workshops with youth leaders  that will take place face-to-face in partner countries will also be provided as webinars, with a view to strengthen the impact of the project across Europe through e-platform.


The present project proposes to bring a tried and successfully tested educational game to other countries, where there is an identified need for innovative methodologies concerning the environment, revising and enriching the tool to match the target group of youth , while adapting it to different national  settings.


Nearly 300 persons will be directly targeted in “PLANETISE” project activities, through focus groups, workshops, small – scale training sessions, national  dissemination events and Empowerment “Planetbook Europe” community. The main project outcome will be the edition of the revised Planetbook game in National Level and the creation of the edition of Planetbook game in International Level (in English).


The consortium of partners has substantial expertise in the fields of inclusive education, sustainable development, environmental education, awareness raising, and non-formal training, as well as social networking and e-learning.







Ataturk University, as Public body – Institution of Higher Education which provides to university students and teaching staff international experience in training and research, help incoming foreign students and scientists in order to contribute to the development of the regional policy in the field of youth in Turkey, has the ability to transfer the knowledge to youth organizations, institutions active in the field of Youth, Education & Environment.









Ordu University, as Public body – Institution of Higher Education which offers expertise in an education and research politics which are constructed harmoniously with the national politics of Turkey, is able to use this initiative as educational tool for youth through its educational programs.







Modavi Federazione provinciale di Napoli Onlus as a non profit making cultural organization active in  the field of education and culture  through partnerships with Universities, Schools and other Educational institutes.







Asociatia pentru Tineret SAKURA as a non-profit organization engaged in education, culture and civil activities and  is experienced enough on creation of education, culture, environment and civic participation oriented projects and on participating and implementing innovative educational tool.







Associação Socio-Cultural Alternativas Jovens ASCAJ, as a non-profit organization develop several activities in the non-formal education for children and  adults with its main goal is to promote  social inclusion  aimed at children and young people aged between 6 and 24 in the field of environmental education, culture and human rights.








JUGEND- & KULTURPROJEKT E.V. as a youth Non Governmental Organization active in the field of Environmental Education has staff of youth workers experienced in formal and non formal training methods through the implementation of European projects such as Youth Exchanges under Erasmus+.