Erasmus+ Programme: ”Breaking the Wall”


This year KEAN, takes action in immigration with its participation to the Erasmus+ Programme “Breaking the Wall”, from 3 to 11 of April 2016 in Malaga, Spain.


The aim of this Youth Exchange is to generate a space of analysis and awareness-raising about the migration process in the Mediterranean Sea. The idea is to open a dialogue under the human rights approach and share alternatives for this humanitarian crisis. We want to use the digital communication tools and the new media to speak about migrants from the only possible perspective: as PEOPLE and LIVES, in order to promote action against this human rights violation.



The most important objective of the Youth Exchange “Breaking the wall” is to raise awareness on the immigration problems in the Mediterranean Sea and think about responsibilities and challenges involved.

The partner organizations of this programme are:

- Identities – Italy

- United Colors of Humanity – Turkey

- Power No Borders – Egypt





Day 1: "We are 27 participants from Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Greece and Italy. We just arrived to Malaga to discuss and learn about immigrantion issues and refugees situation in the Mediterranean Sea."



Day 2: "Today it was a special day because it was the time of national workshops. We had the chance to listen to Egyptian and Italian stories and situations about immigration… Two different and very problematic situations."



Day 3: "During the painting, Rafa and Carmen, two social workers from Malaga, taught us how to performance according to different techniques taken from the Theathre of the Oppressed theory, created by the Brazilian theatre practitioner Augusto Boal in the 1960s. We ended our day with our group photo in front of our painted graffiti."


Breaking Bad: After a long and busy first day at Breaking the Wall youth exchange, Anastasia a participant from Greece wanted to share her first thoughts, specially aftr watching a documentary about the border fence at Melilla. 

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