Erasmus Intership


Erasmus Student Mobility aims to help students to adapt the requirements of the EU-wide labour market, enable students to develop specific skills including language skills and to improve understanding of the economic and social culture of the country concerned in the context of acquiring work experience, promote cooperation between higher eduction institutions and enterprises and contribute to the development of a pool of of well-qualified, open-minded and internationally experienced young people as future professionals. 

Erasmus Placement opportunity is open to all students registered in a higher education institution holding an Extended ERASMUS University Charter, enterprises, training centres, research centres and other organisations.


You have many options to search for a placement via:

  1. International coordinators or teachers from your School or Centre who have links with companies abroad.

  2. Colleagues who are currently working or studying abroad can put you in touch with a company.

  3. Webpages, international company directories, Chambers of Commerce.

For more information about ERASMUS Student Mobility for Placements you can visit the following link:


Erasmus Inteship in KEAN


If you are interested in doing your Erasmus Intership in KEAN or your EVS, this is you place. Here you will find information about our organization and the activities we carry on, feel free to contact with us if you have any question or if you want to share your projects and experiences.