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Greece and its Balkan neighbors were being overwhelmed by the flood of migrants arriving from Syria and other areas of conflict.

Each day some 2,000 refugees are arriving on Greece's shores. Most of them have fled the unrelenting civil war in Syria, now in its fifth year. Greece has been the arrival point for roughly half the 155,000 people who have reached Europe this year, according to the International Organization for Migration.

“Smile” is an upcoming program by KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities, which aim to support perishable social groups especially the refugees, through a variety of creative projects.
Focusing on immigration KEAN aspires to bring “Smiles” to all refugees, kids and adults who live in Greece by helping them to rehabilitate. 

“We would expect the E.U. to activate its emergency response because Greece is part of the European Union. Greece urgently needs help, and we expect Europe to step forward.”

William Spindler

Profile and scope of the NGO’S work and it’s major on-going activities

KEAN is a non-profit organization with a basic orientation of promoting human rights and social awareness of youth by focusing on the human values and sustainable development of the society. KEAN boasts an energetic and rich history of actions and activities at both national and European level, through which its team and volunteers have developed design and organising skills for the preparation and realisation of a diverse range of projects, including coorganisation of trasnational partnerships with other NGOs & Institutes, worldwide promotion of   human values and joint actions for the protection of  vulnerable groups.


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