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Since May of 2014, KEAN began to implement, as a partner, the project 1.1 a / 2012 entitled "Assistance to the Office against discrimination in third countries" co-funded by the European Integration Fund by 95% and 5% from National Resources and addressed to citizens of third countries who are permanently resident in Greece but also in the wider local community.

Key element of the project was the creation of Special Offices that provided support against discrimination, to third-country nationals. The offices were operating in parallel in seven (7) of the country's largest cities, that are the headquarters of the Single Decentralized Administrations. The cities were Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Patra, Heraklion and Larissa.

The project activities were implemented by a partnership which includes : NGO KEAN in cooperation with the NGOs : PRAKSIS, ANTHROPOMANIA, CIVIS PLUS and the RESEARCH CENTRE FOR GENDER ISSUES (KETHI ).

Aim of the project was:

·         to provide advice and information to third-country nationals for their rights, their obligations and how to face discrimination incidents.

·         An  equal access of immigrants to goods and services.

·         The acceptance of diversity and the reduction of racist attitudes.

·         The mentoring and guidance of the legally residing third-country nationals to the culture of the Greek Public Administration.

Services offered by the project:

·         Individual support, information, counseling and guidance of third-country nationals rights and obligations, as well as capability of facing discrimination incidents.

·         Group updates adressed to immigration associations and those working with the target group.

·         Seminars (workshops) with targeted topics on discrimination issues.

·         Guide for discrimination issues for third-country nationals, which had been distributed in the urban centers of Greece.


KEAN through its participation in the project and in the partnership, had the responsibility of creation, staffing and operation of:

• The office of Athens, which operated within the One Stop Decentralized Administration of Attica at Psarron 19 in Pallini and in the offices of our organization

• The office of Heraklion Crete, established in the area of the Decentralized Administration of Crete, which was at Eleutherna & Syvritos 2 at Heraklion

•The office of Ioannina, which operated at Sofouli 4 at Ioannina






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