"Centers of Information , Awareness & Counseling to immigrant mothers"

a project funded by the European Integration Fund


During the summer of 2015 it participated a project establishing Centres of information, awareness and counseling for immigrant mothers operating in eight (8) of the largest cities of Greece (Athens , Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Patra, Heraklion , Volos, Messina and Serres) and conducting informative workshops in the aforementioned cities.

These Information Centers offered to immigrant mothers with minor children their services like :

- counseling & mentoring  by Social Operators about the access to health services and social insurance , informing about Education and Learning Centers of the Greek language

- counseling & mentoring  by Labour Consultants in order  to enhance their skills through non-formal activities, get prepared to insert to the active Labor Market

- counseling by Lawyers in order to provide them legal support  about issues of residence

During the counseling course of the immigrant mothers their children entertained in different activities by animateurs and in the end of every course it offered them   food for all their family members.

KEAN established 3 of the 8 Information Centers in the following cities:Ioannina, Serres and Messini.

The mainly output of the project was a "Guide" , filled with all the information of the following table of contents:

- Residence permits

- Health Services

- Health Insurance Services

- Entities for Teaching & Learning the Greek language

- Issues relating to finding a job

- Participation in collective forms of organisation

- Active participation in the host society

You can download the Guide here.

This project was funded by the European Fund for the Integration of citizens of third countries under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior.