BREAKING THE WALL - Youth Exchange
3rd – 11th of April 2016 @ Malaga, Spain

KEAN - Cell of Alternative Youth Activities is one of the parthnes in the Youth Exchange program "Breaking The Wall" that will take place in Malaga, Spain, from 3 to 11 April 2016 in order to generate a space of analysis and awareness-raising about the migration and the human rights protection.


Young people who working in the field of youth and civil society are invited to participate in order to open a dialogue on tackling migration flows and humanitarian assistance through an exchange of best practices.


The program involved a total of 30 participants from the following entities are partners of the program:

- Identities - Italy

- United Colors of Humanity - Turkey

- Power No Borders - Egypt


- KEAN - Greece


Each country has 6 participants of whom 5 were aged 18-30 and there is one companion with no age limit. This program is implemented under the Erasmus + and provides for the following benefits:


100% coverage of accommodation costs

100% coverage of food costs


Travel costs are covered by kilometric distance of Erasmus + distance calculator specifically for Greece is set at EUR 270, as maximum travel expenses may be subsidized for the city of Malaga, Spain.


Please click here if you want to read the detailed info pack of the program.


You can express your interest to participate either by calling tel. 210 2692880 or by sending email to