“Eco – Days: Greening Greece”

European Green Week 2016




KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities in cooperation with the Municipality of Eurotas participates in the institution "Green Week" of the European Commission with the event "Eco - Days: Greening Greece".


Through a series of environmental actions, which will be held in the region of Eurotas for an entire week from 30 May to 5 June, we plan to mobilize children and adults, citizens and tourists and Local Authorities and Agencies, in response to the world environment day on 5 June.


Participants will have the opportunity to participate in diverse activities such as visits to the Botanical Garden of Hippocrates, the Square of Sources, etc., Recycling Workshops, Tree Planting, etc. Beach Cleaning, Interactive Games, Creating a movie - documentary and a map "Green Map" for the green points of the city and the cultural events for the Closing Ceremony.


KEAN and Eurotas aim through the "Eco - Days: Greening Greece", both to inform and sensitize environmentally the participants by conveying organizational best practices in people’s daily lives, to highlight the value of sustainable lifestyle and to promote the methods of implementation.