Youth Exchange Programme «New Paths of MInteGRATION»


The European Youth Exchange Programme «New Paths of MInteGRATION» which is part of the EU ERASMUS + Program for the Youth sector, with Basic Activity 1 "Learning mobility of individuals - Youth Mobility" under the auspices of the Youth Foundation and Lifelong Learning, will take place in November 2016 in the city of Athens.

The «New Paths of MInteGRATION» Programme is designed in a period in which the huge immigration flow into Europe is a crucial issue and it may be one of the biggest challenges at this time. Therefore there is a need for enhancing the awareness and the sensitization of young people regarding the issue of immigration: an essential first step is to inform and educate young Europeans in relation to the actual needs of newly arrived immigrants, reception policies and integration processes.

The partners of this project are KEAN - Cell of Alternative Youth which bears the responsibility of the design, organization and coordination of the program, as well as representatives of agencies (6 from each country) from Bulgaria (THE CHANGE IS IN YOU), Italy ( JOINT), Turkey (S & G) and Spain (KEAN "ACTIVIDADES ALTERNATIVAS"). 

The objective of this exchange programme is the training of young people and their motivation on the issue of immigration and the integration of the population of immigrants. Specifically, through this project, we aim to motivate young people to develop new ideas, propose new paths for exploration on new models and inclusion policies.  

 The project aims to disseminate good practices relating to support and promote awareness on the issue of multiculturalism contributing at the same time to a more cohesive society. The ultimate goal is to create an e-booklet that includes the good practices which were developed during the programme, as well as migratory experience narratives.

Through this exchange programme, participants will have the opportunity to advance through non-formal education and within an international and multicultural context, while at the same time they will improve the level of their skills at various levels through their active participation in creating a more cohesive Europe.