Educational Programme

 "Me, myself and I"





Kean – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities participates as a partner in the bilateral educational program "Me, myself and I" which will be held in Italy and includes the following two Activities:

- Activity 1 : Training Course on 24 - 30 of July at Milano, Italy

- Activity 2 : Youth Exchange on 6 - 14 of September at Lingochio, Italy

Activity 1 involves a total of 11 people working in the field of youth and the objective of the training course is to train all those people who work with youths, especially minorities of young people at local, national and international level.

The duration of the training course shall be 6 days and it will be held in Milan, Italy. The participants will exchange views and knowledge on the issue of awareness of young people about their sexual identity and awareness ahead of stereotypes displayed by the media. Part of the training course will be the reference to non-formal education and the methods used to reach groups of youth.

The participants of the Activity 1 will participate in the Activity 2 as Group Leaders.

Activity 2 involves 6 participants aged between 14 -18 years old from each partner accompanied by their group leader who participated in the Activity 1.

The Activity 2 is Youth Exchange and it will be held at the Lingochio, Italy. The Activity 2 will focus on how to know themselves, their bodies, their feelings and the peculiarities of each gender with the ultimate goal of gender equality and combat discrimination against sexual and cultural stereotypes.

All participants will have the opportunity to actively think about the personal expression of their body and their emotions, with the help of Group Leaders. 

The following institutions are members of the bilateral educational programme:

Νο Βorders - Italy


KEAN - Greece


Zavod NEFIKS - Slovenia


Beyond Barriers - Albania


A-net Ungdomsforum – Sweden  



The bilateral educational program implemented under the Erasmus+ provides for the duration of the activities:

100% coverage on accommodation costs

100% coverage on food costs

Travel costs are covered by kilometric distance of Erasmus+ distance calculator, specifically for Greece is fixed at a sum of 275 euro per participant as higher travel costs which can be subsidized with destination Milan, Italy with regard to Activity 1 and the amount EUR 180 per participant with destination Lingochio Italy for Activity 2.

Pressing here you can read the info pack of the programme.

You can express your interest of participation either by calling on 210 2692880, or by sending mail to / Contact Person: Aphrodite Kofopoulou.