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  • this project can be considered as a continuation of the campaign with disabilities receive the Blue Chair Cover is a social responsibility project, I would like to share with you. A number of studies... 0 Σχόλια
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Each Blue cap, a new hope
this project can be considered as a continuation of the campaign with disabilities receive the Blue Chair Cover is a social responsibility project, I would like to share with you. A number of studies are inadequate for people with disabilities in our country, unfortunately. If we look at the reasons for the general line first it is the cost problem. Will be walking in front of the barriers to disabled citizens are laying paving materials used by certain relief materials to them. They are also, unfortunately, ignored by financial problems forced gathered together to use the law. Let us come to our expansion projects: Can that blue Covers Blue caps are structurally close to the reliefs contained in this special deck sizes and shapes. So attentive to the area to be tiled pavements and concrete pavements with careful work with meticulous casting slabs standard measure after pouring the cover will be mounted on the floor and left to dry. The advantages of the project will be visible on size. After the collection collected will be forwarded to the relevant institutions it will be really collected and cover for people with disabilities. Accidents can occur, injuries, deaths, etc. It will be reduced to a minimum. All flooring is done and can not be carried out due to cost issues can be carried out more cheaply all over Turkey. Pavement color to come. Even children will be walking on the walk into the game. Our conscience will be more comfortable. All citizens of this study will be made small, but real help. It will be evaluated by a plastic cover and be able to keep away from nature. Of course the negative side of the project will be. Immediately after the proper placement and concreting not be visible parts of the cap may not be equal. This is why they may still suffer from walking. Citizens asphalt work is not done after a deliberate disclosure can embed or remove them, press into the asphalt. Some cover the melt can be observed. Covers may be treated after collection. If results exceed the life of the project as "a cover gives a life"





19/10/2017 2:48 πμ
18/10/2017 11:18 μμ
The project will promote democratisation process within europe.It will provide support tools to young people's participation within European polical spectrum
expande To be defined
18/10/2017 6:46 μμ
Inclusive and supportive host needed for a project around arts, farming or gardening!
expande Human Skills for Human Life
18/10/2017 11:30 πμ
1 vacancy for EVS volunteer from Spain. The project will be in Constanta, Romania, for 7 months. Please send CV and motivation letter to our contact emails.
19/10/2017 2:48 πμ
CORDIS is the portal for all EU funded research projects and results - Your search: Search term: Content Type: News Language: English Number of results: 1-100 of 32954
Κατάρρευση Relationship between carotid intima-media thickness and non valvular atrial fibrillation type
18/10/2017 1:35 μμ

Our findings show a high prevalence of abnormal cIMT in NVAF patients, reinforcing the concept that NVAF and systemic atherosclerosis are closely associated. Abnormal cIMT was particularly evident in persistent/permanent NVAF suggesting a more elevated atherosclerotic burden in patients with long-standing NVAF.

expande Relaunch of DRIVER project, welcome DRIVER+!
18/10/2017 1:26 μμ

Find the latest information about the restart of the DRIVER project!

expande BestRES and IndustRE workshop 'Enabling PV integration by delivering flexibility to the energy market'
18/10/2017 1:18 μμ

On the occasion of the EU PVSEC, the European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, the BestRES and IndustRE Consortia organised the workshop “Enabling PV integration by delivering flexibility to the energy market” (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on 26th September 2017).

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