The inaction constitutes undoubtedly the biggest and best ally of every kind of conservative and regressive mentality.

The unconditional surrender to a fatalistic and pessimistic way of life can not constitute, by no way, the choice of youth.

Young people that are concerned and worried by nature, have to give the trigger for a more progressive counter attach, which will fetch in the foreground, subjects that concern the society. The problem of the environmental downgrading is not of course new; however, this downgrading has to be examined in the light of a generous and daring attitude.

 We should break the relationship between the development and the destruction of the natural resources. The innovation, the new technologies and the investments constitute the keys for a successful strategy. The technology is like a coin – with two sides. “She” is the reason of many environmental problems and simultaneously the key for their settlement. Undoubtedly, the old, long standing technologies that dominate the fields of transportation, energy, industry and agriculture, are aggravating the fundamental sources of our survivor, means the clean water, air and the fertile ground. 

In all these sections, there are ready or almost ready new technologies. These technologies can deteriorate the environmental charge, in case they are applied widely and properly, and thus these can solve many of our problems.

We are obliged to select the technological change with astonishing rapid rate.

The saying that, “it is contradicted to have an economical progress and simultaneously preserve of a good environmental level”, is a myth.

It is now the time to exploit the resources, the technology and our mind, so as to eliminate the poverty and the environmental downgrade.

Thus, we call you all to be active in order to make known the use of new technologies and to make people more informed and more sensitive in this field.

For us there is a difficult but privileged role, this of the innovative and we have to respond.

Stavros Milionis

President of KEAN