About Planetbook

Planetbook game

An innovative educational game about the environment and climate change, presented as board game but also and in floor version (36m2).

“Planetbook game” contains 700 questions of encyclopedic knowledge about environmental issues of our planet and international NGOs that are concerned with its protection, as well as Nature’s four basic elements that define the climate of the planet (earth, air, water and fire). Responding to the needs on Environmental Education, across partner countries,

PLANETISE is a European project with the participation of six countries ( Greece, Turkey,Germany,Italy Portugal and Romania).In this project we adapted Planetbook in 6 different versions special for these counties.


Board Game

The board game is divided into three zones:

-Grey zone – pollution and indifference. Questions and facts of the Earth’s disasters are raised 

-Green zone – hope and participation. Respected environmental organizations, such as GreenPeace, WWF and BirdLife Europe, are referred

 -Saving the planet zone The player that will succeed in climbing up the “tree of salvation”, will be able to collect Earth’s pieces (pieces of a puzzle of the Earth’s image) and therefore, make a better world out of them!

GreenPeace, WWF and BirdLife, as well as six Greek NGO’s (Archelon, Pandoiko, MedSOS, EvropaikiEkfrasi,Mom and GH) have provided for Planetbook’s scientific validity by supplying the information used.

Floor version

You can download a presentation for Planetbook here
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